Where do I look?The more important question is where do I live? Costa Rica is an ideal place to settle down in. The country offers a wide variety of areas to call home. The where depends on you. We have some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Central America. The mountains are breathtaking, the valleys are gorgeous and the beaches are tropical dreams. We can assist you with your complete travel plans, from rent-a-car, hotel, and tour information.

Take your time, look around, and find the perfect ‘micro-climate' for you. If you want a cooler climate then just go up in altitude and you will find the year-round climate that suits you.

Most North Americans blend in well with the Ticos. There are not many enclaves of "Gringos". Travel around and you will find Canadians, Americans, Germans, Italians, Venezuelans, Spaniards, all interspersed among the locals.

It's no secret that over the years, Costa Rica has become a hotspot for expats. This might have something to do with the fact that Costa Rica is the most democratically stable country in Central America and boasts 5% of the world's flora and fauna in one tiny postage stamp sized country on this beautiful planet of ours. Then again there is the weather factor.

The weather in Guanacaste is tropical all year long and experiences the least rainfall in the entire country. A little known fact is that Costa Rica is located below the 10th parallel. What does that mean? Well, it means that hurricanes, except is very rare extreme conditions, can not form below the 10th parallel. No hurricane season here folks!

In Costa Rica, there is little governmental regulation of the real estate industry. So our first advice is to keep an open mind when visiting Costa Rica. Be flexible and alittle adventurous but always use common sense and good judgement. You will meet taxi drivers, hotel clerks, dental assistants, surfing instructors who all claim to sell real estate and have the perfect property for you. Visit some of the favorite ex-pat watering holes or restaurants, and within an hour, someone will present the deal of century to you.

The Costa Rican Real Estate Association (CCCBR) was founded in 1974, and it is still the most professional and important institution with regards to Real Estate in the country. However, since the real estate profession is largely unregulated in Costa Rica and everyone from taxi drivers, bartenders, politicians and store owners is a “realtor”, using caution and good judgement should be your first step. If you have visited other web sites, you have seen many listings. Well, about 90% of all listings here are ‘open listings', which means anyone is free to sell the property and no one has an exclusive right to sell. Most of the listings on websites are this type, or expired or even SOLD properties or withdrawn from sale. There is no formal MLS in Costa Rica, but you can find developed and undeveloped mountain and coastal properties, forests and ranches, hotels, B&B's, eco-lodges, city apartments, condos, country cabins, beachfront and farms producing vanilla, pepper, coffee, orchids, ferns, cattle and lumber. What is a Buyer to do? First, find a reputable realtor and a good attorney.

In our opinion, it is not very efficient or honest to load our site with pictures of properties that may or may not be for sale. Rather we offer you the opportunity to outline your requirements, desires and intentions by giving us your ‘information request.' Then we can roll-up our sleeves and go to work for you as the Buyers Agent and we will find that perfect property for you by contacting other reputable realtors, for-sale-by-owners, searching various newspapers and related websites. Buying property in Costa Rica can be a good investment. The big fluctuation in properties prices that you see in the United States, for example, doesn't happen in Costa Rica. Prices either go up, or at worst stay the same, and when the market is bad, property doesn't go down in value, you just have a harder time selling. The turnover slows down. We have included a few properties for you to view.

Having obtained legal residency and living in Costa Rica since 1994, let me share some history with you. A very popular project at a Northern beach, whose company roots date back to the 70's, has attracted alot of attention. In fact, some of our recent sales were at the Coco beach development of this company. Two investors from Europe, who had never visited Costa Rica before, arrived one Sunday evening after hearing about the attractive prices. On their second day in Costa Rica, they purchased 3 condo units. They returned home and several of their friends subsequently bought other units. While these properties are geared more for investments and rentals, maybe a gentlemen's coffee farm, a small B & B, a tropical get-away, a modern home with low maintenance costs, or a commercial investment is more to your liking.

Real Estate Investment in Costa Rica

Costa Rica ranks in fourth place at the world level as an ideal environment for foreign investment, because there are very few restrictions on foreigners owning land in Costa Rica., they enjoy the same rights as Costa Ricans and do not require any special conditions to purchase property within Costa Rica.

An exception is the - "Terrestrial Maritime Zone": For more info