Tarrazu Coffee Plantation

We will be glad to assist you in purchasing our Arabica coffees and you will find a large assortment in the supermarkets.

The Tarrazu coffee is acknowledged, along with Kona from Hawaii and Blue Mountain from Jamaica, as one of the best coffees in the world. The outstanding quality of this Arabica coffee is defined by the characteristics of the region where it is grown and produced.

Single origin, Fair Trade certified, Rainforest Alliance afiliation. We are a large family oriented cooperative in Costa Rica that was started in 1960. www.coopedota.com


Cigars of Costa RicaGreat cigars mean Great Taste! Most people who enjoy a premium, handmade cigar are basically looking for quality and flavor at a reasonable price and that is exactly what we offer.

An aficionado is interested in a cigars presentation, flavor, strength, aroma, combustion and consistency, and this is exactly what our quality control department assures each and every customer.

We are a cooperative of 200 small tobacco farmers in Costa Rica with over 80 years experience . You will not be disappointed. You can order these fine cigars from anywhere in the world; www.cigarsofcostarica.com

If you would like to visit a cigar factory, a personal tour can easily be arranged Monday - Friday.

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