Costa Rica - A Retirement ParadiseMarch 31, 2011 - Costa Rica is a small country in Central America located between Nicaragua and Panama that is known as the Switzerland of Latin America because of its climate, stability and peacefulness. This country that is the size of West Virginia is home to not just Costaricenses (better known as Ticos) but also to a large number of expats from around the world.

Due to its proximity to the United States, with a simple 3 hour flight from Miami, FL; Costa Rica is the ideal location for Americans wanting to retire in a country that enjoys 80 degree temperatures year round and cheaper cost of living while enjoying most of the amenities from home.


If you are thinking about moving to Costa Rica here are some of the top reasons to make the move to Costa Rica.

Ideal Climate – Costa Rica gets to boast average temperature ranging from 75 to 85 degree year round. Variations of course will depend on the altitude and whether you are at the beach.

Low Cost of Living – Living in Costa Rica is a bargain in terms of living as theTicos live decently with a $500 a month budget and the majority of Expats living in Costa Rica live very comfortably on a $1,500-$2,000 a month budget.

Depending on your shopping needs food prices are low compared to the United States. Imported items like Jiff peanut butter will run you a few cents more than in the United States but the local crops like fruits, vegetables and meats are very cheap if you go to the local farmer’s market.

If you want that extra help around the house like a full time maid then you are looking at only paying around $500 per month plus Costa Rica health care benefits from the CAJA for them.

Real Estate Properties – The Costa Rica real estate properties market is still very affordable ranging from modest homes to luxury houses. You can check out the prices by checking out our Costa Rica real estate listings.

A stable Country – Costa Rica is the most stable country in Latin America for several reasons which include not having an army and instead spending their tax money on worthwhile things like education and improving their infrastructure.

Tax Advantages – The taxes in Costa Rica are low compared to the United States as it ranges from 0% to 15% if your monthly income is $900 or more. American living oversea, still have to pay taxes in the United States however, you can claim from the IRS a tax exemption of up to $78,000 on money earned in Costa Rica.

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