ATin Jo Restaurant in Costa Ricapril 11, 2011 - I have been living in Costa Rica on and off for about 4 years now and one thing that I love doing in Costa Rica besides enjoying the company of the people, its culture and the great climate is the food.

Oddly enough, when I was looking at property for sale in Costa Rica, part of the reason for my choice in location was based in part due to its proximity to some of my favorite restaurants in Costa Rica.

Here is my list of top restaurants in Costa Ricathat I have had the pleasure of my repeated visits.


Tin Jo

Tin Jo is located in downtown San Jose in a section of town that is a bit odd itself as it is close to a theater that shows unusual productions as well as a club for alternative lifestyle.

On the other hand, you have Tin Jo which is a classy restaurant that prides itself on serving a delicious plethora of Asian cuisine ranging from Chinese to Vietnamese, Thai and many more.

Tin Jo is located at Calle 11 between Avenida 6 and 8 in Downtown San Jose. There website address is:


Ok, I promise this is my last review of a Chinese/Asian restaurant but I have included this one on my list of favorite because it is the only place I have found so far in Costa Rica that offers a lunch buffet and dim sung.

Located off of Avenida Central in front of the old Fort in Downtown San Jose and right up the street from the San Pedro bus stop, Wong’s offers later hours (until midnight) and great service. Sure the décor is not that nice and could use a bit of an Extreme Makeover but the food and the staff makes up for it.


For those who love Mediterranean/Libanese food I strongly recommend this restaurant. The ambiance is great as they even have a belly dancer one night of the week. The restaurant is made of two section. The restaurant section and the socializing/bar section in the back.

The food itself is great about 95% of the time and I have only had one bad experience there when my babaganoush was a bit on the dry side if that is possible.

Located on Paseo Colon in a little plaza, this restaurant is great for its lunch special. The only complaint I have about this place is the service when the place is busy.

Nuestra Tierra

Ok, this restaurant is better suited for tourists as the prices for a gallo pinto are pretty high but not every tourist can stomach eating at a small soda that is located in the parking lot of a garage.

I am including this one as one of my favorite place because the food is delicious and the people that work in the calle 15 location are very nice.

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