April 20, 2011 – Not all expats in Costa Rica are of retirement age and even if they are, some of them may want to work a part-time job just to kill boredom or to meet jobs in Costa Ricanew people.

Of course, to work in Costa Rica legally you do need to have a permit to work in most cases but some industries are more lenient or can help you acquire a working permit.

Yes, some of the jobs mentioned may require special skills like learning to speak Spanish but they can be fun and adventuresome.

Costa Rica Real Estate Broker

Many expats that are social choose to become Costa Rica real estate brokers because they are no real estate broker license or requirements in Costa Rica. All you need to have is a car, and some property listings and a good property lawyer.

Of course, many expats in Costa Rica have tried this route and have failed but on the other hand, many other expats have been able to create a successful business out of it.

Own a Business

This one is a bit more time consuming and requires a lot of effort in most case but many expats have opened bars, shops and restaurants in Costa Rica.

This route however, can leave you with a headache as opening a business is tough in whatever part of the world you are in. You need to take care of things like license, certifications and pay taxes on your business as well as run the business efficiently.

Call Centers

Costa Rica has become a call center heaven for many companies like Datascension, GE and HP to mention a few companies and they need people to man their phones. English is in most cases a requirement and they pay between $5 to $7 an hour.

To work in these places however, you do need to be able to work legally in Costa Rica.

Teach English

This one usually requires a TEFL certification if you want to teach English for a language institute but many people stepped around it by simply advertising their English tutorial services online or by handing out flyers.

The pay will vary from $5 an hour to $25 an hour depending on the clients you target but the advantages of this job is that you more or less create your own hours.

Sportsbooks and Gambling Companies

Sportsbooks and gambling companies in general are always on the lookout for sales representative or customer service agents. They are always looking for foreigners to man their phones because they understand the culture of their clients better and are willing to pay well.

If you take a look at the local newspapers like AMCostaRica, LaNacion and Ticotimes, you will often see an array of gambling related jobs.

“Pirata” Taxi Driver

Ok, this one may not be ideal for most of us as it requires knowledge of San Jose but being a “pirata” taxi driver can be fun if you limit yourself to taking people to the beach. No license necessary as long as you don’t get caught and have the passenger sit in the front seat.

All you have to do is sit at bus stations and start asking people if they need a ride somewhere!

Freelance Writer

You can be like me and just start writing articles about Costa Rica or anything else that the client may want. Just look on Costa Rica classified Ads websites for jobs.

The pay will vary depending on who you are writing for but it will usually vary from 0.01 to 0.05 cents a word.

Finding a job in Costa Rica is fairly easy as long as you are not too picky as to what you want to do. Just remember to relax, enjoy yourself and pat yourself on the back for deciding to live in Costa Rica.

Frank Donavan is a freelance writer with over twenty years of experience in the sports betting online and bargain Costa Rica real estate industry. Frank has written numerous articles for a variety of Costa Rica related websites. You can contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..