A1 Costa Rica Properties Partners with A1 Costa Rica Real EstateFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 24, 2011

Santa Ana, Costa Rica – A1 Costa Rica Properties has partnered with A1 Costa Rica Real Estate where both companies will be sharing some real estate listings in the Costa Rican market in order to increase their internet visibility.

 A1 Costa Rica Properties is not a new comer to the real estate game but has always had limited internet presence with its original realty website under the name of El Dorado Realty Costa Rica. But as the competition on the internet was getting more intense, the decision to expand was the obvious choice.

Only 8 of 100 beaches tested are polluted, among them Tarcoles and Quepos

In recent years Costa Rica has been characterized by its natural beauty and also for the care and cleaning of many beaches.

According to the latest study by the Laboratorio Nacional de Aguas de Acueductos y Alcantarillados (AyA) - national water laboratory - of the 100 beaches tested only eight have problems with pollution in their waters.

Although the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo (ICT) - Tourism Board - has some 450 registered tourist beaches, the 100 tested by the AyA represent the most popular and that participate in the Bandera Azul (Blue Flag) program.

According to the director of national water laboratory, Derma Mora, 92% of these beaches are suitable for swimming.

Mora credits the Blue Flag program and communities working together to clean up and keep clean their beaches.

Among the eight polluted beaches are Tarcoles, Azul, Quepos and Portete in Limón.

Healthcare in Costa Rica for ExpatsNow that you have purchased your new home in Costa Rica from a top Costa Rica Property Company and are ready to start your new life, it’s time to think about the unforeseen future and think about finding some health insurance that will meet all of your needs while in Costa Rica.

They are several options to choose from for health insurance in Costa Rica depending on your needs and your budget. Some people choose to continue with the health insurance they had at home but it is best to first check with them how much coverage they provide in Costa Rica.

Between the middle of January and the end of February it is a bull summer, when bull ring events are alive and kicking in many communities holding their fairs around Costa Rica.

Verano Toreado
Click here for the live bull telecast

And Teletica, the local channel 7 television station is bringing the all the action, not only live on television, but also on the internet by way of its portal at: http://www.teletica.com/veranotoreado/

The program is called "Verano Toreado".

Visitors to the website can catch all the bull action live as it happens from any corner of the world and all free. All you need is a computer or smartphone (ie. iPhone, Android, etc) and an internet connection.

The schedule includes the next bull ring activity in Cartago on Saturday, January 22, Veracruz on the 29th, Parrita on February 5, Jesus Maria de San Mateo Orotina on the 12th, Cobano on the 19th and the last in Quepos on the 26th.

Notice we don't call it "bull fighting", as the traditional bull ring events are not like the traditional images of the bull fights in Spain. No, the bull events in Costa Rica are tamed and sometimes described as lame in comparison, as the bull is never hurt in any way and the main staple is amateurs running in the ring in front of the bulls. In the Costa Rican action, the bulls are really the winners, becoming famous and making the circuit, like the now retired "malacrianza". In fact, the amateurs entering the ring that get gored, stomped on, trampled and whatever.